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WBC Black Cherry Soda is Now Available in Glass Bottles

WBC Black Cherry Soda is Now Available in Glass Bottles

We all have some dreams and sometimes dreams do come true! The people have spoken and now WBC Black Cherry Craft Soda is available in 4-packs of glass bottles!

WBC Black Cherry was originally launched exclusively in the 1L PET bottles that were part of an anniversary event in Chicago. While first intended as a special edition flavor, the incredible feedback made the powers that be reconsider that plan and soon WBC Black Cherry was on the shelves of major retailers on a regular basis.

Ever since, fans of WBC Black Cherry clamored for their favorite craft soda flavor to be made in glass bottles so they may have their elevated soda drinking experience. While the 1L PET bottles offer a value and opportunity for sharing, many soda aficionados only drink from glass bottles. The balance of the WBC Craft Soda lineup, Chicago Style Root Beer, Spicy Ginger, Orange Cream, Vanilla Cream, and Concord Grape, have always been available in glass bottles.

The first batch of WBC Black Cherry will be shipped out to Hyvee grocery stores as part of their introduction to the entire line of WBC Craft Sodas, as well as Green River Soda and Caruso’s Legacy Italian Style Sodas.

Keep an eye out for the new glass bottles and remember to keep dreaming big!